Workplace Investigation Timeline

While many workplaces may dread it, drama brews in every corner of the workforce. Workplace chatter can lead to workplace incidents, which leave HR departments across the nation left to investigate and handle their issues internally. Just because every workplace transgression is different, doesn’t mean the process in which HR professionals handle it has to be. Many businesses begin their investigation by determining its scope and nominating a lead investigator. Framing a sound process takes smart planning to maintain consistency, thoroughness, and fairness throughout the investigation. Once HR departments have devised their plan, they initiate the process of interviewing and collecting evidence from the employees involved. When sufficient evidence has been gathered and credibility assessed, a responsible party can make the decision and map out the next steps. An appointed representative must communicate these final outcomes to participants once the investigation is truly closed. Once an investigation is closed, aftercare for those involved is very important. By working to create a consistent and thoughtful aftercare process, the company can go a long way in maintaining a healthy culture and protecting trust. To learn more about the workplace investigation process, please see the infographic paired alongside this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline provided by HR Acuity, an organization offering solutions dedicated to employee relations case management

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