The Best Way to Create an Online Compliance Training Program

Will you need to create an effective online compliance training program? We understand how challenging this is, especially when conducted online, where things may get lost in translation. But don’t worry; there are simple and cost-effective ways you can build and deliver excellent compliance training to your employees.

Here are some tips you can follow!

  1. Who’s your audience?


If you don’t know who your audience is, you won’t be able to design and develop appropriate compliance training or avail the correct modules from platforms like True Office Learning. You can’t determine if the eLearning tools and methods are designed for your employees if you don’t know who they are!

Learn about all your employees’ job experiences, educational backgrounds, and levels of knowledge. You can do this through focus groups, interviews, and surveys. This prevents you from repeating any unnecessary information, and so you spend more time covering issues that need to be addressed ASAP.

  1. Connect training with real-life scenarios

An effective online compliance training program should be meaningful. If employees can’t connect what they learn in real life, how can they stay interested and motivated to participate in the training program?

Use case studies and real-world scenarios which reflect your target employees’ actual workday, helping them create a connection with the issues the training session covers. Allow your employees to make their own decisions, learning from their mistakes, if any, in a risk-free environment. This allows them to hone their skills using real-life scenarios without harming themselves or your company’s reputation.

  1. Add some humor

Compliance training can be fun, but be sure to strike balance! Injecting a bit of humor into your training program can create an emotional connection between your employees and what they’re learning.

But remember, a bit of humor! Don’t overshadow the issues you’re covering with too many jokes or anecdotes. Only add in the occasional entertaining elements. Be witty, positive, and culturally appropriate to avoid offending anyone or getting the wrong point across.

  1. Utilize various learning methods

What’s great about technology is that there are so many ways you can communicate with your employees, even when it comes to training them. This is important because we all learn in different ways, and surely, your employees will prefer to learn differently from others.

Make sure that you also consider the diversity of training requirements, accommodating all the learners. You can do this by incorporating various styles of media into the training program.

Add powerful images, videos, infographics, and even audio elements. Go beyond the written material so everyone will remain engaged and interested in what the training consists of.

But remember, don’t overwhelm everyone with too much information. Try microlearning and breaking down the training content into short modules, using bullet points and highlighting the key points.

Wrapping It Up

Creating training programs doesn’t need to be so tricky as long as you’re armed with the right tools. Follow these tips and begin the process towards building an effective program to benefit your company and employees!

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