Strategy and Risk: Finding Balance in the Marketplace of Ideas With Daniel Shin

Few jobs thrive as much on operational instability as that of an entrepreneur. As an individual willing to take risks to read the room and economy, people like Daniel Shin have to make the right decision often in order to find continued success and to keep feeding themselves.

The co-founder and co-CEO of PortOne Global, Daniel Shin, has found success in many different fields and areas of technology, most commonly circumnavigating the e-commerce world.

As an effective entrepreneur, Daniel Shin had to build a foundation upon which his success could thrive. Sitting down with an interviewer, Daniel Shin broke into some of his thoughts and concepts while detailing the ways they had helped him.

Building the Right Team

In the words of Daniel Shin, “Bring ideas to life is ultimately execution, and execution is done effectively when it is a result of teamwork with people you trust.”

Productivity begins with finding the right teammates with which to build a project. Shin’s suggestion that team members are integral to entrepreneurs is proven by the resume that he has built along the way. Shin added in his interview, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life.”

Shin makes sure to spend the right amount of time on matching his mindset with his co-workers.

Creating Habits That Help

Shin understands that a solid team can help creative productivity but that we also must take our habits into our own hands. Shin likes to start each day at home by waking up early and focusing on the most significant and most essential tasks that challenge him for the upcoming day. By limiting his exposure to an abundance of problems, Daniel Shin can direct his focus and attention toward real solutions.

Shin says of his current mindset, “I try hard to think each day about what is most important and what is a priority. Focusing on a few key decisions and punting the rest is significantly more effective.”

In addition to his work with prioritizing decision-making, Daniel Shin is also focused on crafting an experience that embraces his best traits. Shin likes to take walks or take baths when he is feeling either overwhelmed or unfocused, giving him time to push and wash away issues that simply are not as important. When he is done with a walk or his quick bath, he’ll feel better and more prepared to tackle the day.

With that being said, some habits sound negative but empower you in the long run. Understanding that life can feature failure but that it doesn’t have to define you, Shin suggests that others learn from their past mistakes. Shin points to his success (and stumbles) with TicketMonster before saying, “If I could go back, I would choose where to fight and where to retreat and strategically pick my battles with the long-term in mind.”

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