How BlueRock Partners’ Kevin Modany Creates a More Efficient Process Within Which to Work

An excitable entrepreneur with leadership capabilities and expertise in Strategic Planning, Kevin Modany has blazed a trail to the top of BlueRock Partners during his time in the industry. Having joined the team in 2016, Modany has spent the better part of the past decade working to uplift his company through strategic consulting, focus on process enhancement, and a careful assessment of Executive Management services.

Revered for his ability to conjure ideas and bring them to life, Kevin Modany sat down with the interviewing team at Ideamensch to explore some of the thoughts and ideas that have helped him throughout his career.

Start Early, Start Ready

Kevin Modany believes in staying prepared, so you don’t have to rush to prepare. Kevin Modany likes to end his nights and begin his days by looking at the list of goals and duties he has to accomplish.

Modany says of his preference for lists, “I try to keep my day productive by keeping a steady list of things that I’m working on. Updating that list once a week. This keeps me focused on the way I manage business.”

After assessing his list of priorities and objectives, Modany starts the day earnestly by calling and responding to individuals who have contacted him. Modany wants to do this long before the rest of the world is up and at it, having warmed up before anyone else has even stirred.

Modany understands that focusing entirely on work can leave out other health and wellness aspects. To break up his day and improve his overall health, Modany likes setting aside time to go to the gym and work out. Modany says, “It is important; I usually block off time in my calendar for exercise.”

Bring Ideas to Life

Creating winning ideas is more challenging than simply dreaming them to life. Instead, Modany knows that he has to take time to plot out his concepts, writing or emailing them to get the idea onto a page.

Modany says, “I try to get people to understand why it makes sense, usually by pulling in data to support it.”

Modany suggests taking time to bring ideas to trusted colleagues so that a collaborative approach can be encouraged. Modany adds, “I would probably have a meeting on it. People sit down and talk about it, and then we’ll assign people to execute its various associated initiatives.”

Looking to his past, Modany says that he would tell his younger self, “Anything worth having takes a lot of effort.”

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