Daniel Shin Highlights Keys to Effective Leadership in the Competitive Entrepreneurial Field

Leading a modern company in today’s digitally driven world can be difficult. A truly global marketplace rife with competition has made it so that only the best of the best can thrive at the top of their respective industries, pushing aspiring CEOs and thought leaders to maximize their talents before making their ascent.

Daniel Shin is the founder of PortOne Global and its co-Chief Executive Officer. An innovator from South Korea and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Shin has enjoyed a prolific climb up the ladder as an entrepreneur.

Taking time to share insights he’s gleaned along the way, Daniel Shin sat down to discuss the different methods that have made him an effective leader.

Traits of an Effective Leader

As an innovator and entrepreneur with a hand in several industries, Shin has had to go through the growth-and-development phase several times throughout his career. Along the way, Shin found that certain traits and characteristics were more effective and beneficial than others.

Shin outlined a few of the concepts that stuck out to him before discussing them with the team at Business Review.

Clear Vision – A leader of a modern company has to have both a long-term and short-term view of the business at hand. Being able to embrace the big picture while still navigating the granular details can go a long way toward aiding the journey to success.

Shin suggests maintaining a presence in the room by offering two-way communication that is as encouraging as it is clear, inviting others to share their insights whenever possible. Providing diverse opinions will allow you to cultivate a positive working environment.

Communication System – More than being able to come up with an idea, an effective leader must be able to relay that idea to his or her team. A transformative leader can create an environment of open collaboration with the right communication systems.

Efficient and Productive FocusDaniel Shin believes that the most effective leaders in the workplace can help to boost other members of their team while maintaining a focus on productivity and efficiency. Employees are more willing to follow when they know they are being led by someone with a strong work ethic focused on growth.

Ultimately, Daniel Shin believes that productivity and effective leadership can go hand-in-hand. Shin says of his focus, “These days, I try to think hard about what is most important and what is the priority. Focusing on a few decisions that are key and then punting the rest.”

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