5 Ways to Market Your Online Business Magazine

Online magazines are becoming an intimate element of the publishing world and their growth is particularly noticeable today. The factors driving the immense growth of these magazines include technological developments, the increasing popularity of reading on gadgets, like mobiles and tablets which are easily available, and especially the pandemic has drastically changed the demand for reading material.

The goal of digital content providers is to continue the delivery of the content in an efficient and attractive form to the readers for increasing engagement. Regardless of whether you publish a digital magazine or as a supplement to the print publication if you want to make it a successful part in increasing the engagement of the readers with the magazine, there is a necessity to implement marketing strategies.

People are referring to online reading platforms and looking at these circumstances, online business magazine need a promotion strategy. Digital publishing is not actually replacing the print media, but it is becoming an important platform to ensure people that they will always have secure access to the information.

When it comes to the marketing of online business magazines, numerous marketing options are available at your fingertips. Here are five ways to market your online business magazine.

Create a brand value with free content.

In the initial stage to increase engagement of the readers with the magazine, the goal should be sharing free articles or fragments of issues that will drive the attention of readers and the public towards the brand and its content.

This will showcase your content to the people about what you really offer, and it will allow them to know the brand, the magazine, and the quality it represents. It creates excitement and an urge of demand among the readers.

Promoting articles and refreshing them periodically will assist you in publishing evergreen content and attracting readers. Also, promoting magazine samples or previews is the best way to display a brief about the content and to show people what context is available. It will enhance the reach towards the magazine and allow the people to buy a subscription.

Business magazines can promote the covers of the issues that are not yet published. They can be designed in such a way to catch people’s attention regardless of what gadgets they are using to access the content. It can enhance sales by generating clicks and targeting a global audience as the digital covers have the potential to go viral.

 Diversifying distribution channels to make content more visible

Digital business magazine readers are the people in the working class. They are the subscribers to your magazines’ features, newsletters, blogs, and public appearances.

It is important to share this information related to the content of your magazine on different online platforms. Promoting this content on LinkedIn can target business oriented or people in the working category, and you can provide them with an insight into the content of your magazine.

Promoting article teasers, the fragment of texts, covers, and exciting cover stories on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help you to create a presence among your readers.

Also, they can share this content and eventually it can reduce marketing efforts as people are not only sharing your content but other valuable information like your website. It can increase your website reach and it will direct the readers to your own sources.

Promoting content that will enhance your website like; your blogs and teasers should contain information about your website about where and how to subscribe to your magazine. Putting up simple newsletters to increase the reach and informing the readers about upcoming issues can prepare the value that will be of interest to your website visitors.

Promote freshly launched magazine issues

Promoting new magazine issues can attract enthusiast readers and new audience towards your magazine. Also, preparing some intriguing proposals before the launch of the magazine can encourage people to engage with the content of the magazine and buy your publication.

It could be the fragments of the content, which is not published yet, or you can also promote photos or articles from behind the scenes of an interview with a featured. and that can spark discussions under a social media post. Publications can try engaging ways like sending a push notification in an email with the relevant information about the magazine issue and where to, and how to get it.

Leveraging the power of your print magazine versions

If you want to publish digital issues simultaneously with a paper magazine, make the two promotions complement each other. Printed editions could be a great marketing channel that informs about the digital version.

Using integrated QR codes with the print version of your magazine can become a fantastic way of linking offline readers to the online version. It can be implemented to direct your audience to the online content or rich media expanding the printed content.

Selling the printed and digital versions together by offering a special price to the readers will provide them with options to buy the editions according to their requirements. Also, you can refresh old issues archive in a digital format.

You can also provide a pay-to-read option to publish your old magazines’ issues in a new digital format. The biggest advantage of this option is it allows the possibility of reading the old issues via the search function in the online archive.

Consider and meet the needs of your digital audience

Being up to date with the analytics is vital at every stage while publishing a magazine. The only key to increase promoting efforts is analysing the relevant data. The better you know your audience requirements; it is easier to fulfil their needs and reach new ones.

You can investigate the data about what content your users read more often, what is shared most often, and what social networks your readers are mostly active on. This information is useful to provide content according to the readers’ interest and implement better marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter if we speak about any magazine or any book, in the end, they all need promotional activities to read by many people. The content alone, no matter how great and exceptional it is, but it is not enough to achieve higher sales or more readers.

Promote and conquer

A lot has been said about promoting business magazines digitally, the above-mentioned methods are not complete marketing strategies; they are just the direction indicators, implementation of accurate techniques, and analysing the outcome of the implementations through which you can enhance the promotions precisely.

By actively employing these methods in the promotional strategies, you can boost the chances to make your top business magazine more wanted and visible. But you need to try, experiment, and observe which activities you should continue to achieve the best results.

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Abhishek Joshi is a content writer by profession at Insights Success Media and Technology Pvt Ltd. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. He is also an FMSCI certified professional motorcycle racer.

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